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This solid Roaster was tested with 50 kg of cargo. Spit consists of two parts made of stainless steel (INOX) . Length of composed spit is 165 cm. Skewer diameter is 3,3 cm. 

Three stainless steel hooks used for fixing meat are placed on spit. Mounting handle is used to rotate the larger weight; it can be easily removed when cooking becomes easier so that you can turn on the engine. Two tripods can be easily removed so that they take up little space in your garage. They are equipped with massive bearings for more easier rotate. Height is adjustable between 20 cm and 50 cm or 25 cm and 90 cm. For best results, we recommend that you light a fire on the side of the dry beech. 

This Spit Roaster is usable in your backyard, at the beach, for the picnic, or anywhere else. Pig Lamb Rotisserie and BBQ engine are manufactured in Europe according to quality standards.

The package contains:

1. Skewer 165 cm x 3,37 cm or 200 cm x 3,37 cm
2. 2 + 1 meat fixing hoks
3. Two tripods
4. Two spit carriers 50 cm or 90 cm width
5. Handle for turning
6. Instructions.
7. Engine 230V, 3 RPM – up to 50 kg (for USA, Canada 110 Volt, 2,6 RPM, up to 50 kg)
8. Extension cable
9. Housing and lid for the engine
10. Connector for the spit to the motor
11. Connectors for tripods
12. Small materials

Hog Roaster and motor are manufactured in Europe according to CE standard.

Package weight: 8/10 kg approx

Important information:

-We try to send out your order immediately after payment. That is 90% of the same or next working day. Tracking number is certainly included.

Because of the lowest cost of delivery Roaster is delivered completely disassembled. For installation and completion according to the attached instructions for handling it takes about 20 minutes. Installaton of the engine is allowed only to persons with electrical knowledge and experience.

Contact the nearest electricians. Of course, we are at your service for advice if something is not clear.


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